In current scenario maintaining updated documentation with the implemented solution in both Waterfall & Agile methodology is a biggest challenge. In overall project development, documentation effort accounts to approx. 20 % of the entire project lifecycle. Hence there is lack of updated documents in the current project implementations.

This makes it complex when developing enhancements for the existing application. One of the common problem or difficulty an application developer faces is understanding the existing implementation and enhancing it. The new enhancements and addition of functionalities to existing application becomes very cumbersome as the developer should keep in mind that modifications done to current system should not break the working functionalities which is live on the system.

There is no source of truth and the developer will need to work on assumptions.

The knowledge on the implemented project is lost as time fades with less or no documentation.

The actual understanding on the project will not be complete and there can gaps which will lead to incorrect understanding of the business requirement.

So to address these problems, we have As-Is Visualizer. Without actually getting connected to the environment, just by means of database connectivity, we can generate the snapshots of the different functionalities by click of a button.

Example of Use Cases:

Use Case 1
The custom services module will list down all integration points with the external system ( along with type of interface)

Use Case 2
The entire list of agents (batch processes) running at periodical time intervals can be downloaded or printed. This way it saves lot of time and effort in manually identifying the servers.

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