Sterling Implementations has multiple releases of product and Hot Fixes and when those are applied we will not know which existing functionality will break. So to ensure the new code or release doesn’t break the current logic, excessive manual testing is required. Sterling application architecture and underlying business process is complex, QA team has to understand Sterling Pipelines and API tester to test it manually. There are multiple Sterling environments like Development, QA, Staging and Production. Testing functionality across all these environments is a time consuming process. Also Sterling requires Master Data Load for Integration & System testing.

RAT – Rapid Automation Tool is specifically designed for testing IBM/Sterling Commerce applications. It focuses on demystifying the underlying Sterling Commerce application architecture from the end user / QA Teams. It automates testing and data loading at various stages of development lifecycle.

Use Case:

Use Case 1
Inbound Execution Scenario

Inbound Order processing involves Pre-Receipt, Receiving, Putaway and Close Receipt. Separate test scripts can be written for each process and run in a sequence, thus automating the testing process

The scripts can also be run in multi-threaded mode

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