As-Is Visualizer

In current scenario maintaining updated documentation with the implemented solution in both Waterfall & Agile methodology is a biggest challenge. In overall project development, documentation effort accounts to approx. 20 % of the entire project lifecycle. Hence there is lack of updated documents in the current project implementations.

This makes it complex when developing enhancements for the existing application. One of the common problem or difficulty an application developer faces is understanding the existing implementation and enhancing it. The new enhancements and addition of functionalities to existing application becomes very cumbersome as the developer should keep in mind that modifications done to current system should not break the working functionalities which is live on the system.

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RAT – Rapid Automation

Sterling Implementations has multiple releases of product and Hot Fixes and when those are applied we will not know which existing functionality will break. So to ensure the new code or release doesn’t break the current logic, excessive manual testing is required. Sterling application architecture and underlying business process is complex, QA team has to understand Sterling Pipelines and API tester to test it manually. There are multiple Sterling environments like Development, QA, Staging and Production. Testing functionality across all these environments is a time consuming process. Also Sterling requires Master Data Load for Integration & System testing.

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Auto Load Generator

Performance testing is an integral part of any project’s successful delivery. Testers always find it difficult to prepare the load test data which can sometimes reach to 100k or more than that just for a single use case. It is really a time consumable task and it forces the testers to put more effort on data preparation rather than testing the actual functionality. Also, there is a lot of dependency on system hardware to scale to very high load in less time.

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