Acuver team brings rich experience in Warehouse Management implementations especially IBM Sterling Warehouse Management. A good Warehouse Management System optimizes complex distribution networks by enabling central management of inventory, labor and processes across multiple warehouse facilities.

Warehouse Management System enables you to:

  • Manage inbound receiving processes by planning and balancing resources to meet specific customer, product and facility requirements.
  • Coordinate wide-ranging order fulfillment processes including order release, shipment routing, the grouping of shipments, wave planning and shipping.
  • Manage and allocate inventory across warehouse locations with true multi-tenant capabilities based on criteria that includes client, customer, lot, serial number, shelf life and customer-defined attributes.
  • Respond rapidly to customer-specific, value-added services requests driven by work orders. This helps manage the quantity of work performed, the inventory required and tasks associated with individual work orders.

Manage Inbound Receiving Processes

  • Gain thorough global visibility into your inbound shipments and track received inventory against purchase orders (POs), advanced shipment notifications (ASNs)and blind receipts.
  • Configure putaway execution as system directed or ad hoc product diversions for quality assurance, CubiScan┬« and other activities.
  • Take advantage of cross-docking opportunities.
  • Establish and measure labor standards and performance.
  • Provide condition-based processing for returns management.

Coordinate Wide-ranging Order Fulfillment Processes

  • Plan shipments to meet user-defined and economic shipping parameters.
  • Configure shipment grouping, wave planning and release schedule processes.
  • Support batch, order and item pick processes.
  • Perform order pick tasks using paper, radio frequency (RF), material handling equipment (MHE) or voice technology.
  • Provide integrated parcel shipping capabilities with full delivery service and option support for major carriers.

Manage and Allocate Inventory Across Warehouse Locations

  • Manage inventory centrally though a single global view across your distribution network.
  • Optimize use of warehouse space and assets with true multi-tenant support.
  • Enable advanced capabilities such as activity tracking and consigned inventory in all or selected warehouses in the network.
  • Maintain your inventory accuracy with cycle and physical count.
  • On-boards new warehouses and clients rapidly to help speed the implementation of startups and reduce total cost of ownership.

Respond Rapidly to Customer-specific, Value-added Services Requests

  • Create and manage work orders across facilities to satisfy customers’ unique fulfillment requests based on demand or to stock in anticipation of demand.
  • Track pre-pack and work order kits as unique inventory.
  • Manage light manufacturing operations, as well as cross-facility and multi-step processes.
  • Enhance visibility into costs associated with value-added services related to work orders.
  • Generate more revenue from value-added service operations and capture labor and costs associated with work orders.