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A truly intelligent Order Management System

How a truly Intelligent Order Management System can help you stay ahead in times of flux?

The future cannot be predicted, but it can be envisioned and designed. As supply-chains shattered around the world in the wake of recent events, those that could embrace and wield cutting-edge digital technologies emerged unscathed winners. Let’s take a quick look at some quick statistics for the year 2019-2021 to arrive at the larger picture:

  • Global E-commerce jumped to $26.7 trillion in 2019, accounting for 30% of global GDP
  • US e-commerce penetration increased by a 10-year level in just 3 months
  • Amazon revenue increased 44% y-o-y from $75bn to over $108bn
  • Tesco doubled online delivery capacity to meet new demand in 2020-21
  • Shopify’s y-o-y revenue went up by 94% in the last quarter of 2020 to $977.7mn
  • E-commerce sales across-borders grew by 82% y-o-y in 2020

COVID-19 created a scenario where people began to buy-online not for luxury-buys, but essentials, not for convenience but out of necessity. While BOPIS (Buy-online-pickup-in-store) did exist before, it never had this much traction. The same can be said for curbside-delivery to maintain safe-distance and SFS (ship-from-store) to assuage regional lockdowns and take advantage of better positioned stores.

One of the most salient ask in mitigating the crisis is Intelligent Order Management. These are times where assumptions and predictions made on basis of historical data or business-as-usual are defunct – simply because these are unprecedented times. Stockpiling, zero-inventory, inaccessible warehouses or distribution centers, perishing goods, drastically changed demand, novel sanitary processes and more are at play all at once. New decisions need to be made, quickly and with the assurance of not losing out on sales, capitalizing on all available opportunities as well as ensuring exceptional customer experience.

What an Intelligent Order Management can help you with:

Granular & Configurable Real-Time Inventory Visibility | Stock Level Optimization | Minimize Shipping Costs | Ensure Truly Omnichannel Order Fulfilment | Support Dynamic Pricing, Quote & Process Complex Orders efficiently

Steer the future with Intelligent Order Management

Address new buying patterns and customer interactions by connecting end-to-end inventory visibility with intelligent order orchestration, powered by AI learning real-time from latest trends and events and backed by a Supply Chain Control Tower.

IBM Sterling Order Management is a market leading OMS provider, facilitating exceptional customer experience with a truly omnichannel order fulfilment platform and extensively uses Watson, one among the world’s most powerful AI engines, for quantifiable gains.

With IBM Sterling OMS you can easily execute some of the most useful manoeuvres to navigate disruptions:

  • Change or block a Fulfilment Node without Changing Sourcing Rules
  • Stop repeat reprocessing of orders from unavailable nodes
  • Configure RTAM (Real Time Availability Monitor) to exclude non-functioning nodes
  • En-mass capacity update or removing capacity checks from nodes
  • Divert orders to a specific location like a store, warehouse or distribution center

Companies with improved order management achieve, on average, new profit of USD 4.2 million and operational savings of USD 6.4 million.

Supply Chain Control Tower

  • Get end-to-end visibility across the supply chain — particularly into unforeseen external events
  • Combine AI & ML to automate manual processes and receive real-time actionable insights
  • Enable collaboration across teams and partners to utilize organizational knowledge for better and faster decisions
  • Predict disruptions, improve resiliency, manage exceptions and respond to unplanned events


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