Achieve strategic decision support capabilities

A unified view of the global inventory that spreads across channels and locations can help you keep your hand on the pulse of your supply chain operations, and prepare you for tackling risks and opportunities. With Acuver you can achieve a global overview and real-time visibility so that you gain total control of your inventory and take timely decisions to minimize stock-outs or delays, improve inventory precision, manage excess inventory, and maintain the perfect level of safety stocks.

Acuver assists in implementing a solution that provides a real-time, unified view of inventory across multiple channels so that you always remain in control and allocate stocks dynamically based on changing business environment or unforeseen business situations.

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Improve outcome for your business

We will set up an integrated solution that will give you single-platform access to real-time view of all on-hand, in-transit, and on-order inventory at the distribution centers, stores, and suppliers.

We implement solutions will help you manipulate and dive deep into the inventory levels with ease. Also, helps you get insight into product performance and manage the division of inventory among multiple channels while maintaining a single, consolidated purchase order across channels.

Acuver assists you with data-backed decision support so that you can make informed trade-offs between on-time delivery targets and inventory levels. You will get timely insights into lead-time variability and historical trends for better decision-making.

Acuver helps you manage inventory with configurable supply types and dispositions, such as defective, damaged or open box. We implement solutions that segment store inventory into backroom, floor, and more. Clear visibility into all the available inventory reduces the chances of damage.

Acuver designs a customized solution that uses a standard event to publish inventory events and synchronize inventory positions across the network and external applications in real-time. This gives you total transparency and the vital insights you need for making quick decisions.

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