Hiring for a start up!

Why is it always exciting to hire for a start up?

From a recruiter point of view, he becomes the face of the start-up. Often the recruiter’s style of work reflects the work culture, values and ambience of the work place. Recruitment is not just competency mapping, it should be more holistic, specifically when it comes under the pretext of start-up hiring. Why? The implications of a bad hire could have disastrous impact on the company’s growth, often most start-ups can’t afford to take that risk.

Having a recruiter who understands the business, the process, the objectives and the requirements well is very pivotal to any business more so to a start-up. The recruiter should empathise with the employer and the candidate, to understand more about the possible queries and apprehensions with respect to that position from both the perspectives and to balance out the differences, if any. The recruiter should also be far sighted when proposing a candidate for a position, as to how mutually each other can benefit and leverage their profiles to achieve their objectives.

The recruiter must be a skilled sales person, one who knows to attract and convince a potential candidate to be a prospective employee. Selling the brand, should be focused on the credentials of the management team, the business idea and the details of the role including the challenges and benefits that role brings to the candidate. One should never ever exaggerate or conceal any fact during the process in order to lure the candidate to take up the position, which can harm the company’s reputation, sometimes irreparably.

The recruiter should also be proactive in interfacing with the hiring team and the candidate. This is to expedite the process and avoid any bottle necks at any stage of hiring. This proactive approach will indeed be a reflection of the company’s work culture influencing the candidate to take up the position. Any complacency in this regards is directly proportional to the loss of interest in the candidate for the position.