Real and intelligent last mile fulfilment

The experience you provide to your customers at the time of product delivery or return, can make or break your next sale. For offering timely, hassle-free, and transparent service to customers, it is vital for retailers to work with the right last mile partners and create a process that is seamless and efficient in order to gain customer trust.

Acuver can help you flawlessly integrate with your last mile partners or build an in-house solution for last mile management right from allocation to delivery tracking. Our solution would help you pick the best last mile partners at each delivery location level, track their performance and expenses, and optimize last mile network.

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Reliable and Optimized Last Mile fulfillment

We offer out-of-the-box capabilities and technologies to identify the right fulfillment process for each order, and seamlessly fulfill each line item on an order from the right location at the best price. This accelerates delivery and increases customer satisfaction

We leverage cutting-edge warehouse management solutions for optimizing order management, inventory, deliveries and shipments. Acuver integrates solution that offers dynamic scheduling of product deliveries and associated services at the time of sale based on resource availability, the type of order, and agreed-upon service parameters.

We leverage our years of expertise and the latest technologies to create a seamless process flow for product returns. We ensure that returned products are consistently and properly handled and no items are lost or forgotten along the way. we work to make returns, repairs, and exchanges quick, seamless and cost-efficient.

Retailers launch new services to customers based on the evolving market dynamics. Acuver provides technological support for enabling any kind of fulfillment needs like ship-to-home, pick-up-in-store, ship-from-store, same-day delivery, and so on

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