Traditionally, the various channels of retail, like brick-and-mortar stores, websites, catalogs, etc., used to work in silos and customers never asked for more, but today, order fulfillment is no longer straightforward. Customers’ expectations, behaviors, sales channels, and market dynamics, constantly change. Customers hop from channel to channel and expect the retailers to seamlessly comply with their demands at every touch-point. This mandates retailers to become agile, always know what customers want, and be ready to deliver it wherever and whenever needed by the customers.

Acuver helps global retailers build a unified experience that transcends the channel boundaries and enables them to offer faster and seamless fulfillment to their customers. Our expertise in optimizing retail operations and building omni-channel visibility, advanced technological proficiency, and a sound track-record power us to help retailers realize their omni-channel vision.

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Making Omni-channel fulfillment a reality for global retailers.

Today’s shoppers demand retailers to offer BOPIS (buy-online-pickup-in-store) service. To offer greater convenience to customers and compete with the online giants, retailers are readily offering all types of shipping options. But they must make sure that the product is either available at the chosen store or can be shipped quickly to that store before the customer picks it up. Acuver builds inventory visibility and efficient management, so that you can offer BOPIS to your customers.

Today’s customers need the convenience and flexibility of BORIS or (buy-online-return-in-store). Acuver helps in setting up a solution to make returning of merchandise bought online at physical stores fast and hassle-free. We define the process and support it with a technological solution to minimize shrinkage, manage stock, authorize returns, route returns to the appropriate stores, and more. We can also help you create a solution where customers would be able to see their offline orders online and place return request online.

Distribution centers that only fulfill online orders are not effective anymore. Omni-channel fulfillment demands common inventory that reduces investment, maximizes efficiency, and reinforces brand value. Instead of managing remote fulfillment centers, Acuver enables retailers to ship online purchases through their closest physical stores thereby reducing inventory cost and increasing the speed of delivery.

In today’s tough competitive environment, retailers must take all the steps to convert the prospects who have showed interest. Do not lose a customer due to lack of inventory at one store. Acuver enables seamless inventory visibility at all the levels and locations so that you can still help the customer in finding the right product online or offline at other store locations and ship them. You can also help your customers in finding products online that are not displayed in stores. Increase brand value and delight your customers with seamless service.

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