Seamlessly orchestrated order management services

Order management is an end-to-end process starting from order capturing to delivery. Every junction on the way has a marked impact on the order fulfillment process. Acuver has deep technological expertise and functional knowledge of retail supply chains.We enable global businesses in selecting, implementing, integrating and customizing the right Order Management Solutions.

We integrate modules such as Warehouse Management and Inventory Management to give you a unified view of inventory across channels. We deliver intelligent and cutting-edge plug-n-play solutions that expedite implementation and enable retailers to optimize order fulfillment with zero downtime.

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Order Management Service

Acuver configures order management capabilities for all order types.  Leveraging our domain expertise, we setup a unified order repository and event-driven, rule-based inventory allocation across all fulfillment locations. We enable features that provides real-time order information throughout the fulfillment life-cycle.

We enable you to track and coordinate global inventory across multiple sites, enterprises, internal and external ship nodes, and participants. You get real-time availability picture by synchronizing multiple demand (schedules, plans, quotes, orders, etc.) and supply types (on-hand, inbound, on purchase, scheduled, etc.).

With massive expertise in inventory management, we help you have a solution that identifies shortages and enables inventory planners to manipulate inventory balances.

Acuver’s order management services enable global retailers to manage and execute inbound or outbound delivery processes. We enable features that cater to complex, multi-step, multi-leg, and multi-mode movement of goods. This also includes practices such as merge-in-transit, continuous movement, lane optimization and cross-docking. This facilitates retailers to coordinate activities among all stakeholder in the delivery chain, proactively monitor events, and send automated alerts.

Acuver enable retailers to execute return of  good seamlessly.

Our deep domain expertise helps us to enable and integrate relevant features that facilitates condition-based returns processing, chained order capability, execution and management of exchange orders, refurbishment and repair requests, return disposition, and repair life-cycle tracking.

We close the returns loop by managing reverse inventory tracking back to the appropriate node based on business rules. Our clients are able to handle return receipts, disposition, and initiate the crediting process seamlessly.

We integrate solutions that allow retailers and sellers to aggregate, manage and share detailed product. It also allows to catalog data across multiple divisions, enterprises and participants.

We enable easy categorization, product cross-sell, up-sell, substitution, and much more.

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