An intelligent, holistic approach to managing sales commissions.

Incentives are designed to instigate high performance, but this is feasible only with an end-to-end systemic vision that accounts for the complex interlocking components of the sales lifecycle, from allocation to closure and beyond. Sales Performance Management (SPM) employs advanced analytics & AI to compute commissions with emergent parameters informed by an eagle’s eye view on capacities, quota, planning and distribution. Callidus Commissions is a  comprehensive, configurable solution that can manage your entire incentive compensation process from sales order to payment for your direct sales team and indirect channel.

Telecom Industry: A complex environment

Pesky problems and immense potential

The telecom industry is pressed for disruptive transformation in the face of stagnating revenue from core services, demand to revamp consumer experience beyond traditional offerings and ensure sustainability by further reduction of operational costs.

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