Along with the aspiration to create products that continuously add value to its users, organizations also wish to reduce the go-to-market time. This leads to the quest for a Testing solution that not only accelerates the testing cycles but also ensure stability, scalability and high-quality software products. In addition to all these features, the cost of testing should also be driven downwards. Acuver’s Swift Automation Framework designed for test automation tools that facilitates automation of test-cases with minimal efforts. It also validates your system integration with respect to data accuracy. This data-driven structured framework adheres to POM model. It caters to end-to-end order flows, web application and web-services. Trigger emailable reports and video-recording capability facilitated to pinpoint the exact point of failure reduces the time required in each testing cycle and expedites go-to-market. SWIFT Automation Framework supports multiple technology like SAP, JAVA, Android etc.


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